Tisch College of Civic Life

Working for a brighter world is in the Jumbo DNA. Tisch College leads ground-breaking research that advances young people’s political participation, while actively providing opportunities for students to develop the skills necessary to be leaders in movements for social change. Your #TuftsGivingTuesday gift to Tisch College will help magnify Tufts’ impact on the world.


Jared Goldberg (A91, A21P) & Michelle Goldberg (A21P) are excited to kick-off #TuftsGivingTuesday for Tisch College. 100 donors unlock a challenge gift of $10,000!   Once we meet that challenge, we're on to challenge two: 50 additional gifts unlocks $5,000 more with a gift from Laura Schotsky Olton, A89.


We need your help!  

Each year, our #GivingTuesday success relies on our alums, parents and friends asking their networks to join them in making a gift.  This year is no exception!  Being a volunteer is as easy as forwarding a few emails and posting on your social media channels!  Our online volunteer toolkit has everything you need to be a #TuftsGivingTuesday ambassador (sample emails, social posts and branding images). Questions?  Email torrey.androski@tufts.edu

Brighter World Challenge #1
How quickly can we get to 1,000 gifts? Ken Rosh (A85, A19P, A21P) & Meredith Schlesinger (A19P, A21P) are challenging us to start off #TuftsGivingTuesday in a Jumbo way! We got this!
1,000 Gift Goal
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1852 Student Giving Challenge
Hannah Targoff Saujet (J98) & Thomas Saujet (A96) along with Steve Ricci (E67, E88P) & Geraldine Ricci (E88P) want to inspire today's Tufts students to join in the fun. 1,852 student gifts for the Brown and Blue!
1,852 Gift Goal
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International Donor Challenge
Do you live outside the US? Nathalie (J92) & Nicolas Giauque are encouraging gifts from all over the globe! Give to anywhere at Tufts (including the Jane Etish-Andrews Scholarship for Undergraduate International Students).
225 Gift Goal
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Tisch Challenge 1: 100 for $10,000
Jared Goldberg (A91, A21P) & Michelle Goldberg (A21P) are excited to kick-off #TuftsGivingTuesday for Tisch College. 100 donors unlocks a challenge gift of $10,000!
100 Gift Goal
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