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20 gifts for $3,500

Since its inception, the SMFA has been dedicated to the exploration of ideas through the development of visual literacy and expression.  With the ongoing support of alumni and friends, our students are able to tackle and communicate about today’s most critical issues, helping ensure that a Brighter World exists for us all. 


This #TuftsGivingTuesday we have the opportunity to secure $3,500 in challenge gifts being offered by Carold Daynard along with an anonymous supporter of the School. Your gift on 11/27 will not only bring us closer to our goal of 20 gifts, but also continue the SMFA’s tradition of excellence and ensure that our unique studio-based education is accessible to the most committed students regardless of their means.

Brighter World Challenge #1
How quickly can we get to 1,000 gifts? Ken Rosh (A85, A19P, A21P) & Meredith Schlesinger (A19P, A21P) are challenging us to start off #TuftsGivingTuesday in a Jumbo way! We got this!
1,000 Gift Goal
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1852 Student Giving Challenge
Hannah Targoff Saujet (J98) & Thomas Saujet (A96) along with Steve Ricci (E67, E88P) & Geraldine Ricci (E88P) want to inspire today's Tufts students to join in the fun. 1,852 student gifts for the Brown and Blue!
1,852 Gift Goal
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International Donor Challenge
Do you live outside the US? Nathalie (J92) & Nicolas Giauque are encouraging gifts from all over the globe! Give to anywhere at Tufts (including the Jane Etish-Andrews Scholarship for Undergraduate International Students).
225 Gift Goal
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SMFA Challenge: 20 for $3,500
If 20 gifts are given to the SMFA today, two generous alumni will give $3,500 to the school.
20 Gift Goal
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