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Together...we are advancing the health and wellness for all beings. 

              ...we are educating tomorrow's leaders in veterinary medicine.

              ...we are nurturing complex and compassionate dialogue. 


              ...we are building a brighter world.

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Join in this tradition to support world-class veterinary medical education and care. Together we can help build something that will last far beyond today

Dean's Challenge for Cummings School
Like you, Dean Cribb knows that now, more than ever, initiatives that improve the health and well-being of animals, humans, and the environment we share are essential for our community and planet. And, he believes the progressive academic programs, high-quality clinical care services, and important research happening every day at Cummings School are key to building a brighter world. Your gift to any area helps secure his challenge gift!
200 Gift Goal
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Veterinary Medical Care Challenge
The human-animal bond has never been more important. Pets are family, and just like family they deserve skilled and compassionate medical care. Rose and Darryl Sakach, joined by an anonymous donor, value the care that Cummings School clinics provide all their patients. The Sakachs are sponsoring this challenge in memory of their beloved dog, Freedom, who thrived under the care he received from Cummings School veterinarians and staff.
50 Gift Goal
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Veterinary Student Aid Challenge
Edward M. Gerstein believes in supporting a vibrant, diverse, and robust community of passionate students pursuing veterinary medicine. The need for financial support is even greater this year as a result of the pandemic. Your gift helps ensure that we can continue to support all students who wish to pursue a career in veterinary medicine (and helps unlock Ed’s challenge)!
25 Gift Goal
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Travis Fund for Needy Animals Challenge
Being able to provide the necessary medical care for your pet shouldn't feel financially insurmountable. The Travis Fund helps lower that barrier by providing monetary assistance for health care in our hospitals to aid pets-in-need. Your gift helps secure this generous challenge gift from a V96 alumna.
20 Gift Goal
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Cummings Community Wellness Challenge
Wellness among our patients is not the only priority on campus. During this exceptionally stressful time and in all times, the Cummings Support Center (CSC) creates a positive environment to nurture and sustain the overall well-being of our students. Community wellness is essential for both our animals and the people providing their care. Dr. Lori Feldman, J91, V95 is offering this challenge for the first time ever—join her and make a gift to the CSC!
15 Gift Goal
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Building a Brighter World 1
Let's start this day off with a spark! Deborah and Neil Bienstock (E23P) are challenging the entire Tufts community to join them in building a brighter world, one gift at a time. Join them!
500 Gift Goal
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International Community Challenge
Wherever you live, you can help build a brighter world. Kristy Endo, A05, appreciates the connectivity of the Tufts community and is challenging those living outside the US to make a difference for today's students. Join her, make a gift and secure her challenge!
500 Gift Goal
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